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Road Construction

Paved Roads

Arbokem is the leader in the science, technology and practice of using natural, resinous materials, a co-product of softwood pulp production, for road construction. Our ArboPave™ technology has been used for paving highways in BC and Saskatchewan since 1990.

Natural, resinous materials are an alternative to old rubber tires or other synthetic materials used to restore the flexibility of weathered asphalt binder.

Road tops, paved with Arbopave™ rather than petroleum-based asphalt, don't melt in the summer as the surface is harder and, in winter, the surface is softer and doesn't crack in the cold weather.

Selected rheological properties of tall oil pitch binder for asphaltic road pavement construction

Stanley Wu, Yi Feng and Alfred Wong, Arbokem Inc., Vancouver, Canada

ABSTRACT. Tall oil pitch is a secondary by-product of the coniferous wood pulp industry. Its use as a pavement binder is problematic as the basic rheological properties are affected by variable chemical composition of the tall oil pitch. Synthetic blends of fatty acid, resin acid and sterol were used as model compounds for the laboratory study of the effect of chemical composition on the physical properties of tall oil pitch. A reliable empirical method has been developed to predict the key rheological properties of tall oil pitch. Tall oil pitch could thus be altered by means of compositional changes to meet the pavement engineering needs of different climatic service conditions. (AK21999W)

International Journal of Pavement Engineering, in press, 2004.

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