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Environmental Protection

MX Compound  
One of the most significant scientific accomplishments directed by the principal of Arbokem was the discovery of
(now known commonly as "MX" in the scientific literature).

MX Compound
In the twenty years since this discovery, scientists throughout the World have found this compound to be ubiquitous in the chlorination
of water for potable uses.

"MX" is one of the most potent mutagenic chemical substances known to mankind.

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BioenergyWe have been working on alternative bioenergy technologies, including bio-cetane enhancer for diesel fuel.

Arbokem's bio-cetane enhancer for diesel fuel is derived from
co-products of the wood pulp industry. This is a practical means to produce fuel for transportation.

Bio-cetane diesel fuel provides substantially lower emissions of conventional pollutants and greenhouse gases.

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Pulp and Paper Science and Technology

Arbokem has been engaged in research and development of pulp and paper process technologies since 1983.

Downtown Paper #3We have considerable knowledge and experience in pulping agricultural fibres and in the research, development, engineering design and construction of community-scale, agri-pulp mills.

"Downtown Paper" is our extra-green, agripulp paper which uses 50% agricultural fibres and 50% post-consumer waste.

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ChemistryChemistry is a cornerstone of Arbokem technology.

We have studied, among other things, terpenoids, lignin, polyphenolics, fatty acids, polysaccharides, water and peroxygen compounds




Road Construction

HighwayArbokem is the leader in the science, technology and practice of using natural, resinous materials, a co-product of softwood pulp production, for road construction. Our technology has been used
for paving highways in BC and Saskatchewan since 1990.

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