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Reactions of peroxymonosulphate/peroxydisulphate with cholorinated lignin model compound

Y. Feng and A. Wong, Arbokem Inc., Vancouver, Canada

ABSTRACT. The oxidative reactions of peroxymonosulphate
(Pmx or HSO5-)/peroxy-disulphate (Px or S2O82-) with chlorinated lignin model compound, 2,4-dichlorophenol, have been studied. The reaction products were separated and identified by chromato-graphic and spectroscopic analyses.

2,4-dicholorophenol (DCP) could react almost completely with peroxymonosulphate/peroxydisulphate (Pmx/Px). 70% of organic chlorine in the starting material were converted to inorganic chloride under alkaline conditions. A comparison study showed that dechlorination of DCP with Pmx/Px was more effective than with alkaline hydrolysis or hydrogen peroxide treatment under similar reaction conditions. The results suggest that Pmx/Px could be used in ClO2 bleaching or oxidative treatment of bleached kraft mill effluent to reduce AOX.

Proc. 8th International Symposium on Wood and Pulping Chemistry, Helsinki, Finland, June, 1995. pp. 721-727.

Industry development and environmental protection - compatible goals?

Al Wong, Arbokem Inc., Vancouver, Canada

ABSTRACT. Continuing pressure for industry development has placed considerable and growing strain on the need to protect the environment. There are ways and means to maintain both goals. Decreasing the wastefulness of existing harvesting of forest resource can go a long way to reduce the driving need to exploit new natural forest and to create massive tree plantations. Non-wood plant materials could be used, in a more ingenious fashion, to make pulp and paper. Traditional concepts about large-size kraft pulp mills should be re-considered in the context of community integrity and resource conservation. (AK8743)

Proc. Tropical Pulp Conference, Jakarta, Indonesia, December, 1991. pp. 381-391.
ISBN 929020-02-2


More publications

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